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#(nr.topics:208)-(total results:86535)TopicData typesUpdated
1venus(1020)Text Files(195)4/19/2016 4:32:34 PM
2Ant(1104)Text Files(93)1/13/2018 7:37:02 AM
3erase report slb(58)Text Files(80)2/23/2018 1:30:06 AM
4Hyatt(328)Text Files(51)3/8/2018 1:33:26 AM
5Fiji(479)Text Files(48)1/16/2016 6:22:15 AM
6binder(261)Text Files(46)3/1/2018 8:23:59 AM
7city of zion(1018)Text Files(42)1/11/2018 4:31:03 AM
8Yamaguchi(1204)Text Files(34)1/13/2018 11:48:45 AM
9japa(160)Text Files(34)2/26/2018 12:35:57 PM
10oracle event(161)Text Files(29)3/10/2018 8:10:02 PM
11martin luther(227)Text Files(29)3/1/2018 4:35:34 AM
12world wide web(180)Text Files(24)3/11/2018 8:38:00 AM
13Timor(841)Text Files(23)3/17/2016 4:02:56 AM
14forest(98)Text Files(22)2/11/2018 5:44:55 AM
15eichelberger(249)Text Files(19)2/27/2018 10:02:29 AM
16the a(667)Text Files(18)2/29/2016 1:18:40 AM
17prophetic(1032)Text Files(18)4/20/2016 5:21:00 PM
18jerry zucker(317)Text Files(18)1/5/2016 9:45:33 AM
19captainkirk(136)Text Files(18)2/27/2018 4:18:35 AM
20praise(1054)Text Files(17)1/13/2018 8:21:33 AM
21RAY(448)Text Files(16)2/3/2018 7:43:50 PM
22Guam(438)Text Files(16)1/16/2016 5:27:52 AM
23palliative care(241)Text Files(15)3/8/2018 5:56:02 AM
24duty honor country(952)Text Files(15)4/21/2016 4:26:17 AM
25this way that(191)Text Files(13)2/26/2018 5:23:42 PM
26oklahoma state university(187)Text Files(13)3/8/2018 3:41:39 PM
27countryside(1041)Text Files(11)1/11/2018 9:11:33 PM
28Misr(134)Text Files(10)3/8/2018 2:18:03 AM
29jupiter(626)Text Files(10)3/6/2016 9:05:06 PM
30Moldova(255)Text Files(9)2/28/2018 9:25:30 PM
31james(186)Text Files(9)2/26/2018 1:39:55 PM
32Device for online jackpot win(96)Text Files(9)3/6/2018 12:01:38 AM
33victory in jesus(708)Text Files(8)3/12/2016 4:19:44 AM
34south dakota(1016)Text Files(8)1/11/2018 10:22:24 AM
35honey vs cancer(119)Text Files(8)3/2/2018 2:57:49 PM
36baby clothing storage mirror(63)Text Files(8)2/27/2018 2:20:47 PM
37war(415)Text Files(7)3/10/2018 1:27:18 PM
38star(280)Text Files(7)3/2/2018 8:47:06 AM
39spe(315)Text Files(7)3/7/2018 7:26:47 PM
40pastry(664)Text Files(7)2/29/2016 2:31:03 PM
41Niue(1016)Text Files(7)1/11/2018 11:43:28 AM
42charismatic(731)Text Files(7)3/17/2016 12:33:12 PM
43big sur(1171)Text Files(7)1/15/2018 5:24:09 AM Files(6)2/20/2016 9:30:22 PM
45terrorists(1081)Text Files(6)1/13/2018 4:34:36 PM
46southern baptist(1453)Text Files(6)1/18/2018 11:42:27 AM
47nichols hills oklahoma(101)Text Files(6)2/12/2018 11:27:58 PM
48H(1193)Text Files(6)1/14/2018 12:02:33 AM
49board(169)Text Files(6)3/10/2018 6:26:07 AM
50tarang(1033)Text Files(5)1/12/2018 2:15:48 PM
51Nicaragua(1109)Text Files(5)1/13/2018 8:03:11 AM
52mercury(236)Text Files(5)2/24/2018 9:59:08 PM
53sea turtle jellyfish(91)Text Files(4)2/28/2018 6:01:23 AM
54rod grinder(154)Text Files(4)3/6/2018 1:25:14 AM
55Puerto(102)Text Files(4)2/26/2018 4:35:09 AM
56prime numbers(248)Text Files(4)2/18/2018 3:25:42 AM
57pacific coas(770)Text Files(4)3/15/2016 9:00:29 PM
58North Dakota(719)Text Files(4)3/12/2016 3:37:21 PM
59kagoshima(1010)Text Files(4)1/10/2018 5:54:19 PM
60ice(209)Text Files(4)2/25/2018 5:07:00 PM
61handel's messiah(65)Text Files(4)3/11/2018 1:30:11 PM
62exotic aircraft(167)Text Files(4)3/8/2018 2:40:47 PM
63Billio(213)Text Files(4)2/26/2018 9:17:25 PM
64automobiles(142)Text Files(4)2/11/2018 9:54:01 PM
65Arizona(840)Text Files(4)3/19/2016 5:26:15 AM
66zebra(314)Text Files(3)1/10/2016 12:48:57 PM
67wise(142)Text Files(3)3/11/2018 4:59:03 AM
68west point(1065)Text Files(3)1/13/2018 5:49:03 AM
69st.(185)Text Files(3)3/7/2018 4:14:40 PM
70scotland(124)Text Files(3)3/9/2018 4:42:04 AM
71saturn(765)Text Files(3)3/3/2016 9:51:46 PM
72roosevelt(316)Text Files(3)2/18/2018 6:59:35 PM
73rental home las vegas(233)Text Files(3)2/27/2018 1:18:06 PM
74R(1077)Text Files(3)1/10/2018 11:07:41 PM
75ohio(1083)Text Files(3)1/14/2018 12:17:03 AM
76herman hesse(71)Text Files(3)3/2/2018 1:53:51 AM
77Guinea Ecuatorial(422)Text Files(3)3/10/2018 1:17:00 PM
78gop debate 2015(124)Text Files(3)3/10/2018 8:08:46 AM
79German hackers(319)Text Files(3)12/28/2017 12:34:32 AM
80cheetah(208)Text Files(3)12/7/2015 4:07:35 PM
81brussels(251)Text Files(3)2/28/2018 3:28:15 AM
82babe ruth(745)Text Files(3)3/12/2016 3:21:32 PM
83ame church(579)Text Files(3)3/1/2016 7:52:07 PM
84way that way(200)Text Files(2)3/8/2018 2:38:07 AM
85two for tea(172)Text Files(2)2/24/2018 6:34:53 AM
86tokyo(883)Text Files(2)4/15/2016 4:06:25 PM
87the pentagon(758)Text Files(2)3/12/2016 8:59:00 AM
88swift fantasy greyhound(22)Text Files(2)2/25/2018 2:35:36 AM
89siberian husky(731)Text Files(2)3/16/2016 9:50:53 AM
90sedona(1011)Text Files(2)1/11/2018 7:53:12 AM
91radiation therapy(959)Text Files(2)4/29/2016 12:53:35 AM
92prescott(445)Text Files(2)2/2/2016 2:34:04 PM
93non profit organization tax benefits(197)Text Files(2)3/6/2018 9:22:01 PM
94NewMexico(19)Text Files(2)2/19/2018 10:13:43 PM
95nature(115)Text Files(2)2/28/2018 2:24:46 PM
96National Association of Broadcasters 2016(46)Text Files(2)3/8/2018 2:20:42 AM
97Myanmar Burma(334)Text Files(2)2/11/2018 6:11:29 AM
98mr. pickwick's christmas(35)Text Files(2)2/22/2018 12:06:38 AM
99Malta(241)Text Files(2)2/28/2018 7:56:43 AM
100interop conference las vegas(153)Text Files(2)3/9/2018 8:34:02 AM
101how can i say thanks(63)Text Files(2)2/25/2018 2:25:51 PM
102highway(349)Text Files(2)2/1/2018 1:19:26 PM
103highline(244)Text Files(2)3/4/2018 7:17:21 PM
104getty center(846)Text Files(2)1/8/2018 4:09:12 AM
105gameworks(539)Text Files(2)1/1/2018 8:09:14 AM
106ekho(119)Text Files(2)3/10/2018 10:07:58 PM
107dr and ms austin taylor los angeles(38)Text Files(2)2/12/2018 3:44:06 AM
108dogs(425)Text Files(2)2/12/2016 3:40:36 PM
109clothes door(195)Text Files(2)3/5/2018 11:07:59 AM
110chuck(382)Text Files(2)3/6/2018 9:13:14 AM
111christmas images(1008)Text Files(2)1/11/2018 4:53:26 AM
112china(227)Text Files(2)2/9/2018 8:46:13 AM
113Cameroon(778)Text Files(2)3/17/2016 3:20:40 PM
114build from(201)Text Files(2)3/6/2018 3:57:46 AM
115blood pressure(320)Text Files(2)3/2/2018 4:14:32 AM
116bigsur(287)Text Files(2)3/11/2018 11:27:10 AM
117beer coasters(266)Text Files(2)2/24/2018 11:06:44 PM
118bar(204)Text Files(2)3/4/2018 5:27:29 AM
119aroma(211)Text Files(2)2/23/2018 4:53:55 PM
120al cap(322)Text Files(2)3/2/2018 5:15:49 AM
121ZhongGuo(112)Text Files(1)2/24/2018 8:13:43 PM
122world(170)Text Files(1)3/4/2018 8:17:52 PM
123woodyacres(29)Text Files(1)12/8/2017 3:18:01 AM
124Washington(1106)Text Files(1)1/13/2018 12:33:34 AM
125vrbove(435)Text Files(1)3/6/2018 12:06:48 PM
126volcano(177)Text Files(1)2/26/2018 9:45:53 AM
127video(1108)Text Files(1)4/24/2016 4:13:03 AM
128university of oklahoma(278)Text Files(1)3/5/2018 2:33:49 AM
129togo chair(43)Text Files(1)3/2/2018 4:21:05 AM
130the web(1114)Text Files(1)1/13/2018 7:39:35 AM
131the sun(1148)Text Files(1)1/13/2018 9:05:13 AM
132the right track(90)Text Files(1)3/4/2018 6:49:54 AM
133the bee gees(159)Text Files(1)2/21/2018 2:31:53 AM
134stove gasket wire mesh(47)Text Files(1)3/5/2018 7:16:11 AM
135st. petersburg(479)Text Files(1)2/4/2016 6:14:40 AM
136spider skimmer(45)Text Files(1)3/9/2018 5:10:09 AM
137space(250)Text Files(1)2/1/2018 10:30:45 AM
138smedley butler(126)Text Files(1)3/5/2018 11:18:50 PM
139six(970)Text Files(1)1/10/2018 5:47:58 AM
140rocketdyne(65)Text Files(1)2/21/2018 7:20:12 PM
141protestant(175)Text Files(1)12/12/2015 2:11:14 AM
142prosperity(556)Text Files(1)2/29/2016 4:12:09 PM
143presidential race(69)Text Files(1)3/7/2018 4:12:11 PM
144political correctness(121)Text Files(1)2/27/2018 12:01:43 AM
145Peru(701)Text Files(1)3/1/2016 7:13:02 PM
146pensacola(363)Text Files(1)2/18/2018 4:30:59 PM
147pennsylvania(246)Text Files(1)3/1/2018 6:11:33 AM
148peet's coffee(234)Text Files(1)2/10/2018 2:33:39 PM
149peet s coffee(611)Text Files(1)4/23/2016 3:56:20 PM
150peet(75)Text Files(1)3/6/2018 4:50:20 AM
151passover(289)Text Files(1)12/27/2017 9:17:06 AM
152paid(177)Text Files(1)2/27/2018 10:21:17 AM
153nuclear power plant(170)Text Files(1)2/20/2018 12:38:04 PM
154non profit organization(936)Text Files(1)4/20/2016 11:25:40 PM
155moscow ballet(80)Text Files(1)3/11/2018 6:42:22 AM
156Marshall Islands(57)Text Files(1)2/28/2018 3:13:06 AM
157Mark Everson(69)Text Files(1)3/1/2018 7:14:28 AM
158manuka honey(128)Text Files(1)3/11/2018 4:28:18 AM
159magic(396)Text Files(1)3/7/2018 5:06:44 AM
160los angeles(181)Text Files(1)3/8/2018 5:26:34 PM
161le(364)Text Files(1)2/26/2018 9:54:56 AM
162las(420)Text Files(1)3/8/2018 4:49:04 PM
163King James 1611 edition(212)Text Files(1)3/1/2018 1:59:29 AM
164jordan(268)Text Files(1)12/7/2015 1:16:46 PM
165jesus(164)Text Files(1)3/4/2018 9:58:08 PM
166interop(221)Text Files(1)3/6/2018 12:54:22 AM
167internet(292)Text Files(1)2/25/2018 3:47:29 PM
168improvisation(674)Text Files(1)1/3/2018 2:03:50 PM
169Idaho(1067)Text Files(1)1/12/2018 5:53:49 AM
170hilton(143)Text Files(1)3/6/2018 10:47:03 AM
171highway 60(256)Text Files(1)3/9/2018 4:23:32 PM
172herman(272)Text Files(1)2/22/2018 10:14:34 AM
173heaven(335)Text Files(1)1/15/2016 9:33:52 AM
174fracking(665)Text Files(1)2/29/2016 3:59:02 PM
175foster(257)Text Files(1)3/14/2016 9:43:55 PM
176flying(176)Text Files(1)3/8/2018 5:28:07 PM
177easter sunday(312)Text Files(1)12/27/2017 1:27:58 PM
178dr. and ms. austin taylor los angeles(8)Text Files(1)3/1/2018 7:50:21 PM
179dr. alex perumal phd(156)Text Files(1)3/10/2018 10:49:14 AM
180Dominican(252)Text Files(1)2/28/2018 12:41:17 PM
181dog(388)Text Files(1)1/8/2016 10:22:01 AM
182diatomaceous(1063)Text Files(1)1/11/2018 9:59:57 PM
183con(350)Text Files(1)3/11/2018 6:58:44 AM
184classical(176)Text Files(1)3/6/2018 11:04:50 AM
185christ(1030)Text Files(1)1/11/2018 3:34:20 PM Files(1)2/26/2018 9:24:38 AM
187Caribbean(868)Text Files(1)3/17/2016 3:28:13 AM
188captain kirk(501)Text Files(1)3/5/2018 8:17:55 PM
189camelot(316)Text Files(1)2/20/2018 11:28:24 AM
190calif(232)Text Files(1)3/8/2018 7:28:11 PM
191C(769)Text Files(1)3/21/2016 1:11:15 AM
192Burkina Faso(1044)Text Files(1)1/13/2018 1:00:06 AM
193bucket with screw(101)Text Files(1)3/4/2018 6:27:30 AM
194brandenburg concerto(74)Text Files(1)3/8/2018 12:26:49 AM
195box for cats to lay in(159)Text Files(1)2/26/2018 4:29:02 PM
196Bod(516)Text Files(1)2/19/2016 5:59:08 AM
197board game box(202)Text Files(1)2/23/2018 2:15:55 PM
198bilco(39)Text Files(1)2/10/2018 4:19:50 PM
199Bermuda(1045)Text Files(1)1/12/2018 2:57:40 PM
200beer coaste(285)Text Files(1)3/3/2018 12:43:30 PM
201bar rack locker(81)Text Files(1)2/19/2018 6:15:27 AM
202bag wrapper machine(130)Text Files(1)3/9/2018 4:32:04 AM
203avenge me sticker(57)Text Files(1)2/11/2018 6:33:32 AM
204automatic(192)Text Files(1)2/22/2018 8:38:09 AM
205aquarium(1039)Text Files(1)1/12/2018 5:29:28 AM
206ana(676)Text Files(1)3/27/2016 5:48:26 AM
207Alabama(290)Text Files(1)3/9/2018 6:36:12 AM
2084(324)Text Files(1)3/6/2018 2:04:09 AM
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