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1. Comprehensive List of Pasta Shapes (haikuman)
List of pasta Shapes (haikuman) haikuman Skip Navigation Welcome! Low Carb Meat / Fish Fish Chicken Pork Beef Turkey By region Asian Mediterranean Spanish American The Basics ...
1538 161— wide tubes (also, Zitoni) Cannelloni “large reeds or pipes” — round stuffed tubes Capelli d'Angelo “angel hair” — finest strands of pasta. Delicate. Capellini “fine hairs” — long, fine strands only slightly thicker than “Angel Hair” Capelveneri — very thin noodles Capunti — a rolled pasta sliced open on one side like a pea pod or canoe Cappelletti “little hats” — stuffed hats Casarecci — half-circles rolled into “S” shaped scroll Castellane “castle dwellers” — long oval shaped rolled pasta, like a elongated cowry shell but opened1_b@b_1one end. Called “castle dwellers” because the open winglike end looked like women of Italian aristocracy walking with their full skirts draped over one arm. Cavatappi — short, thin, spiral macaroni Cavatelli — short, narrow, ripple-edge folded shape Cavaturi — small rolled shape Cellentani “whirls” — open tubular corkscrew shape with ridgshaped pasta1038shaped pasta purses6892ffed squares Rigatoni — big, ridged slightly curved tubes. Same as Penne Rigate, but with square-cut ends Rigatoncini — smaller version of Rigatoni. Perfect for thick sauces and oven-baked recipes Riccia Larga — Medium wide Lasagna noodles with frilled edges Riso — rice-shaped grains “like Orzo” Rotelle “little wheels” — small, spoked wheels Rotini — short spirals Ruote, or Ruote de carro “cartwheels” — spoked wheels Sacchette — sacks, “begger's purses” a filled pasta like ravioli, Sagne — long cuts of pasta twisted in to ringlets Sedanini “Little Celeries” — short tubes, with ridged surface Semi di melone “melon seeds” — tiny, flat seed shapes Spaccatelli — long strand of tube pasta slit from end to end Spaghetti Lunghi — really long “50cm”, thin, round strands Spaghetti — long, thin, round strands Spaghetti a Matassa — noodles dried into a coil or figure 8 Spaghettini — thin spaghetti purses6392shaped pasta purses
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