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1. Times Of Oman :: Life Style</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /><span class="bodytext" > Of <b>Oman</b> :: Life Style Nov 302015 E- Edition Newspaper Nov 30, 2015 LAST UPDATED AT 10:14 PM GMT Home About Us Blogs TOO Apps Subscribe Contact Us <b>Oman</b> <b>Oman</b>isation |...</span> <br /><span class="matchedbody" > </span> </div></td></tr> <td id="f" width="24%" ><div id="Data Files_1" class="filesdiv" style="display:block;"><input type="hidden" id="datapage_1" value=""><a href="" target="_blank" id="href_1" ><img src="" border=0 alt=" 'Sitemap' from the web at '' " width=30 height=30 ></a> <font size=2 color=grey>xml</font>  <a class="linkText" href="" target="_blank" >sitemap-index</a><span class="mbcolor">0,00276851654052734375</span><span class="mbstyle"> MB</span>  <font color=silver>-</font> <span class="spancolor">'Sitemap'</span> <a class="webtext" href="" target="_blank" >Web</a></div></td> </tr> </div> </table></div><!--end repi--> </div><!--end repo--> <div id="adsoo"><div id="adso"><div id="adsi"><table border=0></div> <div id="ads_1"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=5&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/efddakid?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t target="_blank" >Wondershare DVD Creator</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=5&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/efddakid?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_1" ><img src="" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="Wondershare DVD Creator" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" >Want to keep all those good times and create DVDs by your own?Wondershare DVD Creator is an interesting video burner application that helps you burn multiple SD and HD video formats like MP4, M4V, M4A,3GP, MOV, MPG, MTS, VOB, FLV, MKV, RM, RMVB to D...</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_2"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=3&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/efddaj?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t target="_blank" >Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=3&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/efddaj?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_2" ><img src="" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" >Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro is a reputed tool designed for easily creating high quality DVD movies and videos from PowerPoint presentations by retaining animations, sounds, video clips and even links between slides. Benefits of converting PowerPoint ...</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_3"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=39&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTX://U8Z9.YZ8Z8TQYV294V8_T.Z8T/N/kfh/KJlmgikm/&siteshow=t target="_blank" >ACDSee 18</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=39&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTX://U8Z9.YZ8Z8TQYV294V8_T.Z8T/N/kfh/KJlmgikm/&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_3" ><img src="" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="ACDSee 18" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" >Download a FREE Trial of ACDSee 18 Today!</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_4"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=4&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/ijhllal?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t target="_blank" >1 Click-tuneup</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=4&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/ijhllal?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_4" ><img src="" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="1 Click-tuneup" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" >Optimize and Speed Up PC Clean up junk files, temporary files, unused programs and optimize windows registry to maximize PC and Internet performance. Diagnose & Fix PC Errors Automatically diagnose and fix various issues that negatively impac...</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_5"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=35&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=U40X18aQ8!0-41.-UXP&siteshow=t target="_blank" >Simple Webmail</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=35&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=U40X18aQ8!0-41.-UXP&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_5" ><img src="images/simple-webmail_box.jpg" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="Simple Webmail" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" > 1/2 off for a limited time. Simple Webmail allows you to send html messages to your customer email list using your normal Internet connection. Allows sending html emails to your company mailing list. Facilities to maintain email lis...</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_6"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=46&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTX://U8Z9.YZ8Z8TQYV294V8_T.Z8T/N/ifje/KJlmgikm/&siteshow=t target="_blank" >RecordNow 10 Music Lab Premier</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <span class="bodytext" >RecordNow 10 Music Lab Premier - Your music is the soundtrack of your digital life.</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_7"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=41&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTX://U8Z9.YZ8Z8TQYV294V8_T.Z8T/N/ljeij/KJlmgikm/&siteshow=t target="_blank" >My DVD 9</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=41&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTX://U8Z9.YZ8Z8TQYV294V8_T.Z8T/N/ljeij/KJlmgikm/&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_7" ><img src="" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="My DVD 9" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" >My DVD 9</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_8"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=7&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/kljjhalk?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t target="_blank" >iMacsoft iPhone Video Converter for Mac</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=7&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/kljjhalk?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_8" ><img src="" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="iMacsoft iPhone Video Converter for Mac" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" >iMacsoft iPhone Video Converter for Mac is a very powerful Mac iPhone Video converter, which can convert all popular video formats such as WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, DAT, VOB, MPEG, FLV, AVI, DivX, XviD, etc. to iPhone movies MP4, widescreen iPhone MP4, iP...</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_9"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=8&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/kljjhalh?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t target="_blank" >iMacsoft VOB to Apple TV Suite for Mac</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=8&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTXU://U5YXX8V.0O_Y008V_8._Y0/_58_2YST/_-VT/-99/kljjhalh?-77414-T8=glfhlh&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_9" ><img src="" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="iMacsoft VOB to Apple TV Suite for Mac" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" >iMacsoft VOB to Apple TV Suite for Mac is the powerful Apple TV converter software, which can fast convert VOB movie to Apple TV format MP4, MPEG-4 with excellent quality. iMacsoft VOB to Apple TV Suite for Mac includes two professional software: i...</span> </td></tr> </div> <div id="ads_10"> <tr><td style="text-align: left;" > <a class="homesitetext" href="utils.aspx?rec_no=2&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTX://U8Z9.YZ8Z8TQYV294V8_T.Z8T/N/ljehi/KJlmgikm/&siteshow=t target="_blank" >Toast 11</a><br /><span class="subtitles" ></span> <br /> <a href="utils.aspx?rec_no=2&passthrough_new=clicked&redir1=5TTX://U8Z9.YZ8Z8TQYV294V8_T.Z8T/N/ljehi/KJlmgikm/&siteshow=t" target="_blank" id="href_10" ><img src="" border=0 style="float: left;clear: both" alt="Toast 11" width=40 height=40 ></a>    <span class="bodytext" >Enjoy all the power of Toast, plus 5 digital media essentials</span> </td></tr> </div> </table></div><!--end adsi--> </div><!--end adso--> </div><!--end adsoo--> </div><!--end repoo--> <!-- end of search engine results--> <!-- end of actual content --> </div> <!-- end of body wiz inner --> </div> <!-- end body_wiz --> <!-- beginning of footer_wiz --> <div id="footer_wiz"> <!-- Footer start --> <table class="footer_table"><!-- beginning of footer table --> <tr><!-- beginning of footer table row --> <td width="25%" align="left"> <!-- beginning of footer copyright item --> <DIV style=" DISPLAY:block; 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