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1. epiconservation | NYRAC's forum for emergi...
| NYRAC's forum for emerging conservation professionals epiconservation NYRAC's forum for emerging conservation professionals Skip to content About EPiC Blog Contributors EPiC E...
7550nderman showing pictures of MERT go bags. Mr. Sonderman recommended for every collection to draw up a Museum Emergency Operations Plan (MEOP), which is geared1_b@b_1first assessing, then managing the risks involved in potential disasters. The MEOP includes: a call list of team members; emergency procedures and salvage priorities; and equipment, services, and supplies, among other things. For resources on creating an emergency plan for your institution, NPS, the American Alliance of Museum, and the Getty Institute all provide helpful guidelines. All collections should have an emergency operations plan. Mr. Sonderman then spoke about his experience preparing for and responding to disasters wrought by hurricanes Isabel, Katrina, and Sandy. In terms of preparing for a foreseeable disaster, an emergency management firm can be booked ahead of time. Usually one has 4 – 5 days to prepare in advance of a hurricane. In the case of Hurricane Isabel, which hit the Colonial National Historic Park in Jgetty7050getty center22301of contacts Leave a comment Posted in Conservation Blogposts The truth about the Nishapur ceramic Posted on September 28, 2014 by EPiC Administrator | Leave a comment Collette Khanaferov (M.A. Candidate, 2nd year) UCLA/Getty Conservation Program During my six week summer internship1_b@b_1the Brooklyn Museum, I was given the opportunity to examine and treat a 10th-11th century ceramic bowl from Nishapur, Iran. The object was a color-splashed ware footed bowl with a bird-like figure in the center. Upon arrival to the lab, the ceramic was fully intact with several signs of previous repair. As my examination moved forward, I would soon learn that what seemed to be a straightforward treatment would be anything but that. The first step was to examine the bowl and any suspicious areas to get a better understanding of the object and its previous treatment. I soon discovered that several areas near the head of the animal seemed to have been rejoined and inpainted. Ultraviolet illuminaticenter21801getty center
  'Pratt Symposium Registration Information' from the web at ''  docx  pratt_sciart_iv...0.015 MB  - 'Pratt Symposium Registration Information' Web

2. Repair the Tear | Follow my experiences in lear...
the Tear | Follow my experiences in learning about the world of art conservation Main menu Skip to content About the Author Repair the Tear Follow my experiences in learning about the ...
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